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Travelorg India is a travel company formed by professionals who have spent years in the travel industry.
Mr Bharat Triveddi, a specialist in the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra heads the Holy Tourism Division. He visited Kailash Mansarovar 39 times.
The Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is going to be our mainstay because of Mr Trivedi’s expertise in the Holy Tourism division. We have introduced some very significant packages like Chardam Yatra, Vaishnodevi, Amarnath, Ashta Vinayak, Shirdi, Tirupati etc. which we are very popular with the devotees.
We have offices in Mumbai, Maharashtra. India and Dallas, Texas. USA

our happy customer

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Iris Asao
"Personally, i think Travel Org was perfect for us. We did not have any problems except we did face a snow blizzard and we were not prepared for it. Luckily, Travel Org provided heavy jackets and they carefully looked after the elders in our group. We love the Indian culture so it was great being among people all over India. If you are considering using Travel Org, know that you are in good hands. It was like traveling with family and not with some commercialized tour.
Posted By: Iris Asao
bindi108@hawaiiantel.net, Hawaii - USA
Prakash Shukla
A group of 18 of us from New Jersey, USA had a memorable journey to Kailash Mansarovar through Travelorg. The guides at Kathmandu, Pokhara Nepalgunj and at Taklakot very sincere and handled all the uncertainties very well. Thanks to Travelorg for arranging Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in such a nice way with a very reasonable cost. Food was excellent. The staff members of the team were very friendly and always helpful. Although it is a tough journey, due to the special care taken by the Company.
Posted By: Prakash Shukla – New Jersey - USA
Mr. Kirit Patel
We had a fantastic Kailash Mansarovar yatra with Travelorg. Even in limited infrastructure in Tibet, arrangement by Travelorg was very good, leader and the staff member were excellent. The entire team took good care of us during the journey. the journey to Muktinath was also very well organized. The special efforts made for few of our Jains to go to Ashtapad is extraordinary
Posted By:Mr. Kirit Patel - Surat - Gujarat.
Mr. Kirit Bhatt
It was truly a trip of a lifetime. Every morning we say we wish we were back in Kailash with you and your fantastic team. We were so pleased with your service. I will recommend you and your company to anyone. Our best to you and we hope to make it back to Kailash and Mansarovar again sometime.
Posted By: Mr. Kirit Bhatt – Mumbai
Dr. Bhattacharya
Travelorg is the best tour operator for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Their whole team is very co-operative, Amazing travel experience with the professional and dedicated team of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra with Travelorg Team. Very hospitable staff with professional medical aid services and good food along with the scenic beauty of Mount Kailash makes the trip memorable. Wholehearted thanks to Travelorg.
Posted By: Dr. Bhattacharya - Kolkata.
Mrs. Chhayaben Patel
Awesome experience with Travelorg. everything was organized very well, special thanks to the excellent sherpa team, food was wonderful all the way. They are an excellent Tour operator to Kailash and Mansarovar. I will definitely go with them again.
Posted By: Mrs. Chhayaben Patel - Mumbai.
Mr. Suryaprakash Gupta
Thank you for arranging the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra -in 2018 by helicopter.it was indeed a very wonderful experience for me! in the year 2007 also -by road-in the remotest corner of the earth the service was unexpectedly better than it claimed to be. Our trips to the abode of Lord Shiva turned out to be the most heavenly experience. Again I thank you and your staff very much for a delightful and highly enjoyable Yatra. It was exceeded my expectations. I have to thank all of you for an amazing experience and your terrific service, I will never forget.
Posted By: Mr. Suryaprakash Gupta - Jaipur- Rajasthan.
Mr. Yogesh Sheth
Everyone at Travelorg did such an outstanding job!! we have to tell you that we are very much delighted with our total experience with all of you guys!! It was an unforgetting experience of Pilgrimage for our 24 family members.
Posted By: Mr. Yogesh Sheth- Ahmedabad - Gujarat.
Mrs. Ranna Dave
I congratulate you and your team for giving us such a lifetime memorable pilgrimage trip. I was much impressed with the arrangements, food and all other facilities provided by you and the staff, and is highly appreciated. Hareshbhai and his staff are professional, friendly and resourceful. They are committed to providing a quality service in a country saturated with travel agencies. Thank you Travelorg for an unforgettable journey to our pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash was graced by your team leadership, the helping and serving nature of the entire staff and the depth of territorial knowledge with which everyone approached this awesome, rigorous, beautiful and once in a lifetime adventure. I plan to recommend Travelorg to those I know venturing in Kailash-Mansarovar.
Posted By: Mrs. Ranna Dave – Mumbai.
Kishor Fruitwala
" In June 2013, we went on Kailash/Maanasarovar yatra organized by Travelorg India. We had the experience of a life-time. Even though, there were many challenges during the yatra, Travelorg and their staff in Nepal took extremely good care of us, including food and accommodation. The sherpa and the staff were very courteous and friendly, and treated us like a family. That made our journey lot more enjoyable. Here in the USA, Bharatbhai provided the necessary information for the yatra and promptly answered all the questions we had. We highly recommend Travelorg for the Kailash yatra. "
Posted By: Kishor Fruitwala
kishor.fruitwala@gmail.com, Dallas, TX
Ashok Rawal
"We had a friendly experience & we felt that it is not a tour but one family yatra. Tour organiser Mr. Bharat Trivedi was very cordial, understanding and ever helpful to our all members. Before joining we had a very sad opinion about this yatra but when we started & upto the end we have never experienced any difficulty on the contrary. We enjoyed & having homely atmosphere. We all pray God for all our tour members for their long life and prosperity and we also pray almighty for our tour organizer Mr. Bharat Trivedi to achieve more and more success & ashirwad to rise in future and sky is the limit."
Posted By: Ashok Rawal
Smit_shok@yahoo.co.in, 00447539276566, London, UK
Umesh Shukla
"I had the opportunity to meeting Mr. Bharat during my trip to Kailash Mansarovar. Our group of 20 people and he took care of every one. If any one got sick he took personal care by giving medicine, food, juice ect…When everybody gets angry and irritating due to high altitude sickness he was very cool temperament. He always sort out the problem without hurting anybody's feeling's. I recommended that if you want to do Kailash Yatra please go with him only."
Posted By: Umesh Shukla
shuklafamily80@gmail.com, New Jersey - USA
Jyotsana Morjaria
"Mr Bharat Trivedi has taken special care for our comfort and facilities during my visit in year 2006 Kailash Parikrama. Please carry on and render the same type of services and increase religious emotions in Hindu's. "
Posted By: Jyotsana Morjaria
joymorjaria@aol.com, California - USA
Ramesh Patel
"Many thanks to Mr Trivedi for giving us such a life time memorable pilgrimage along with Saroj my wife and Sumati my sister - in - law(Ladies traveled and were very much comfortable). It is almost impossible to perform high altitude yatra without such care and friendly trustworthy hands."
Posted By: Ramesh Patel
rrp832@yahoo.com, Washington D. C. USA
Amrish Pandya
"Their guidance are always helpful because it was very tough and difficult by vehicle too. I strongly recommended Mr Bharat Trivedi and his team with confidence because they have never disappointed me or my fellow travelers."
Posted By: Amrish Pandya
amrishp2003@yahoo.com, Mumbai - Maharashtra
Dr. Bhupendra T. Patel
"I am a senior citizen,Mr Bharat has taken special care for comfort and facilities during tour.Special thanks to Mr Bharat Trivedi for arranging a tour for Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar."
Posted By: Dr. Bhupendra T. Patel
bbp1944@aol.com - 0091268221724, Nadiad - Gujarat
Deepak Joshi
"It is very pleasant and life time achievement experience by visiting Holy Kailash - Mansarover. Mr Bharat provided us a knowledge and guided us with his careful attention throughout the tour. With blessing of almighty and our elders we perform our Kailash Mansarovar Yatra satisfactory."
Posted By: Deepak Joshi
shivshankar76@hotmail.com, 98250 25432, Ahmedabad - Gujarat
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